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    Volumetric concrete production solutions utilize our volumetric technology which means each pour is the exact design mix created to an exact amount when you need it. On-demand mixing is less costly, more time efficient, more versatile, and provides a better return on investment when compared with traditional drum mixing. Volumetric mixing means less waste, more flexibility, and total control of your concrete. 

Volumetric Mixing Benefits Over Traditional Drum Mixers:


  • Store, proportion, mix, and dispense concrete with a single mixer.

  • Variety of sizes and options available to fit your unique business needs.

  • Changing mix designs is quick and efficient.

  • Separate materials storage ensures you get a fresh mix on each delivery.

  • Go from one job to the next without having to return to a plant to change mix designs.



  • Produce the exact amount of concrete needed every time, eliminating overages and shortages.

  • Fresh concrete is always available, eliminating “hot” loads.

  • Consistently produce the exact mix designeach time.

  • More environmentally friendly with accelerated clean out and waste elimination.

  • Mix concrete during off-hours, giving you schedule control.

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